Part 4: Tondo revisited

Following some initial feedback from my tutor I prepared another five circular tondos. These were all based on segments of the work I had already produced – but this time applying thinned oil paint more broadly and gesturally.

I decided to work on three larger and two smaller tondo surfaces:

Elephant & statue in thinned oil paint on 27.5cm diameter foam board tondo

Different colour scheme from my original tondo painted on a ceramic dinner plate – mainly browns, yellows and blues with a touch of orange – painted using a size 8 short flat and a size 10 filbert brushes.


Statue of ‘Victory’ alongside kitchen boiler flue, in thinned oil paint on 28cm diameter 250gsm Bristol Board tondo

Different colour scheme from my original tondo of this subject painted on a small oval card practice piece – this time painted much larger and mainly using blues and browns with white – again painted with size 8 short flat and size 10 filbert brushes.


Boots & basket in thinned oil paint on 33cm diameter 250gsm oil painting paper tondo

Focused in on my original ‘boots & basket’ scene and changed the colour scheme slightly – mainly blues, reds, yellow ochre, browns, pain’s grey, ivory black and white – this time painted with a size 10 filbert brush.


Small section of porch barometer in thinned oil paint on 9.5cm diameter hardboard tondo

Almost like a spy-glass look into a part of the porch barometer in the background of my Assignment piece – this time using thinned red/white mix, pain’s grey and gold and blue relief paste.


Egyptian head in thinned oil paint on 9.5cm diameter glass tondo

The Egyptian head from my cut off piece of football tondo – painted on both sides using thinned yellow, red and blue oils, with touches of white and gold relief paste.


I pushed myself with this exercise in revisiting painting in the ‘tondo’ experience. In all I produced these five pieces in around one day in total – fast and dirty! – well my hands are extremely smudgy (maybe I should start wearing gloves?)

I am relatively pleased with how these extra pieces turned out and have learnt a good lesson in the process – don’t necessarily follow the course notes too literally! Better to use your own judgement, experiment and paint what and how it feels right for you. These five pieces are painted in a much broader and more gestural style – less fussy – and I would say, more like how I do like to paint. Maybe I’m beginning to ‘hear my voice’?

For a bit of fun, here is an image of my palette for this revisiting – messy, and probably says a fair bit about the way I work!

Part 4 tondo revisited palette

Stuart Brownlee – 512319
27 April 2017


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Open College of the Arts (OCA) student currently studying Drawing 2

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