Part 2: Assignment 2 – review following tutor feedback

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Stuart Brownlee – 512319
11 February 2017


Part 2: Assignment 2 – Tutor feedback

Understanding Painting Media

Part 2 – Unusual materials: collections

Summary of Tutor feedback

Learning points from tutor feedback:

  • Evidence of thinking outside norms and enjoying the creative push testing unusual media and supports can give.
  • Continue to build ‘surprise’ aspects to self-directed projects.
  • Projects in 3D hint at the emergence of a personal language, as evidenced by idiosyncratic mix of photo collage and paint.
  • Context research and Harvard bibliography fits the bill, but need to find more time for building up more technical painting experience and skills as opposed to spending over-long and research – need to work for a better balance here.
  • Continue to work in a series of similar styles making use of sketchbooks as containers for collections, or index cards in a box and use these to practice paint directly as a preparatory exercise).
  • Allow the unusual and experimental/unexpected to influence more ‘finished’ work.
  • Hold on to sense of humour (and when getting serious, avoid clichéd handling of media and symbols).
  • Think about degree pathway studies to perhaps embrace more mixed media and 3D approaches – for example, choice of module options with Fine Art degree in contradistinction to Painting degree (discuss with a student advisor?).
  • Consider different treatments of backgrounds and foregrounds and how they interact with each other through paint rather than line and look at the work of David Jones, Paul Cézanne, Joni Spigler, James Ensor, Glenn Brown, Tacita Dean, Hughie O’Donoghue and Anselm Kiefer (references provided by tutor).
  • Consider experimenting with a more limited palette (as in ‘The Blues Collection’).

Pointers for Part 3:

  • For Part 3 reverse the instructions and start directly with painting exercises and leave context research untill later on.
  • For context research, try and focus more on smaller selection of artists recommended in course notes – say 5 artists and think about why these were selected rather than any of the others – particularly in terms of their relevance to own way of thinking – this should help to develop connections so that I can consider the written work component in a more structured, coherently argued way.
  • Consider the assignment instructions in a looser fashion – for example consider doing more that the suggested 3 monoprints and then making a considered, documented selection of the three best ones.

Stuart Brownlee – 512319
6 January 2017