Part 5: Assignment 5 – Tutor feedback

Part 5: Assignment 5 – Tutor feedback                      

Understanding Painting Media

Part 5 – The paper museum

Summary of Tutor feedback

Learning points from tutor feedback:

  • Good technical potential shown in some of the preparatory work, e.g. Exercise 5.1 – looser painting and conceptually good (an outcome from Part 4).
  • However, my work for Part 5 overall was perhaps overly influenced by my research and reading – all becoming a bit ‘concept heavy’ in places (e.g. Exercise 5.2 and the Assignment) and evidence again of reverting back to tightening up, becoming too descriptive and detailed – overly literal in what I am seeing in front of me.
  • But some potential in developing a walking narrative as seen through a few of the 5.2 pieces, particularly in use of ink and watercolour.
  • 5.3 submission positive, although perhaps again the painting is over thought.
  • 5.4 – use of recycled supports is useful, but integration of text with painting needs further thought.
  • Recommended to review Assignment 5 and perhaps build on one of the exercise themes and redo or expand the assignment.
  • Assignment 5, as submitted, is lacking cohesion in terms of technical and compositionally disparate studies – more like media experiments than a sound exploration on theme (‘palm tree’ series, conceptually garden as imagined place).
  • I need to drop the ‘tight descriptive painting’ and work on a much larger body of work with testing a new support. Also evidence of dropping back into silhouetted and flat graphic handling of the painting surface – the exact opposite of what I am hoping to achieve by handling paint fluidly and intuitively.
  • The found collage approach has mileage to develop further (portrait within image)
  • Positive directions can be found in further experiments in working plein air and the idea of a walk exploring narrative, time and places.
  • Need to revise Part 5 essay, removing some of the images and expanding a bit on how working plein air can capture a sense of place through painting.
  • Wider context research is fairly sound. However, need to watch that I allow my practice to catch up with the theory and best advice is to spend time consolidating my painting practice as a primary goal.

Last thoughts

I think in hindsight, and being hard on myself, I was becoming tired and lazy in my painting practice for this part of the course – lesson learned.

Stuart Brownlee – 512319
18 July 2017