Part 1: Exercise 1.4 – Look at what you see – not what you imagine


Using A4 or A3 paper, lay an image upside down and, using ink, watercolour, gouache or acrylic, make a 10-minute copy of your image.
Do this again with another image. This time make a 20-minute copy.

10 minute image

Exercise 1.4 (1 or 2)

Upside down ape in tree – blue ink on A4 300gsm HP watercolour paper. Using the found image ‘Life’s a bitch’ (Statics poster card) I found that the flow of the ink using a size 04 Round brush was pleasing to apply. What was also pleasing, and not a little surprising, was that when turned ‘right-side up’ (is there a right-side?) the image was fairly well described.

20 minute image

Exercise 1.4 (2 of 2)

Upside down school boy – acrylic on A4 300gsm HP watercolour paper. Using the found image of Jules Bastien-Lepage’s impressionistic ‘Going to school’ (Aberdeen Art Gallery print) the coloured acrylic paint was applied in a fairly painterly, expressionistic style, blocking in the main spaces and shapes before spending a bit more time trying to capture the essence of the school boy in the foreground. Trying to capture the facial features from an upside down viewpoint was the trickiest part. The overall effect of my rendition of the figure I think is reminiscent (symbolic?) of the horror I felt (Munch-like) at going off to school each morning – probably not what Bastien-Lepage had in mind when he painted ‘Going to school’ in 1882.

Stuart Brownlee – 512319
26 September 2016