Part 5: Exercise 5.3 – Corner study


Make a study of a corner of your room. Choose a corner where the light changes a lot throughout the day. Using watercolour on A5 watercolour paper, make a study from life in the morning, at midday and during the evening.

Having awakened, and refreshed with a cup of tea, being a lazy kind of fellow I lay down on my bed in the early morning and looked out over the covers to the window/wardrobe corner of the room, returning at midday and again in the evening before turning in for the night.

Part 5: Exercise 5.3 – bedroom corner study 1 “early morning”

Outside morning light through the green window blind cast a greenish tinge across the room.

Part 5: Exercise 5.3 – bedroom corner study 2 “midday”

Window blind up to fully let the light shine in, brightening the room considerably, although still with some upward greenish tints.

Part 5: Exercise 5.3 – bedroom corner study 3 “evening”

Evening drawing to a close and the light is dimming outside, bringing some unexpected brownish colouring to the room.

Stuart Brownlee – 512319
27 June 2017